Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Zucchini Success Tip

Just a quick post tonight. Have had a busy week already and it's only Tuesday! I was on a business course in the city this morning, Max is down with a virus, it is my Mom's second last day of her 6 week visit from Canada and, as a result, Isobel is a couple of days late being introduced a new food, she hasn't noticed thank goodness.

I haven't cooked that kumara yet and I think it is starting to fester in the pantry. It's growing little limbs. And I had such good intentions to cook it straight away when I bought it last week, or was it 2 weeks ago? Okay maybe not fester, but I had better pick up something fresh to cook tomorrow for Isobel. She is really starting to munch into her freshly frozen baby puree cube supply in the freezer.

The solids update is that Isobel now loves zucchini....as long as it is mixed in with some apple or pear. So if at first you don't succeed with a veggie, don't think too much about it. Try again in a few days, sometimes it takes a few tries of the new taste until they become used to it. I persisted with Isobel every 3 days for over a week to no avail, until I mixed in some fruit.

Thank you to Sarah from Wellington for this helpful tip! Your tips and comments are always welcome - you can also comment using the contact page at www.mumiandbubi.co.nz

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