Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Favourite Tennis Mum!

Congratulations to Kim Clijsters, our favourite tennis Mum, on winning the 2011 Australian Open!

I love her winning style AND the fact that she makes all of her own homemade baby food....even when on tour :)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Latest Review by Inhabitots

At Mumi&Bubi, we believe that there is nothing more eco than making your own healthy, homemade baby food.

As a big fan of modern green design, I like to keep an eye on what’s happening over at Inhabitots, your guide to green parenting, eco baby and green kids.

Check out their fabulous Solids Starter Kit review. Thanks, Beth! We think it’s time to give standard issue ice cube trays the cold shoulder too :)

Monday, January 10, 2011

Solids Starter Kit review

It is so neat to receive your feedback and hear that the Solids Starter Kit really makes solids easy for starting solids ~ and beyond.

Here is the latest customer review from Vanessa, who purchased her Kit from Breastmates:
"My son started solids a couple of weeks ago and I've found this set to be AWESOME. I love the fact that each cube is 30ml which is quite a bit bigger than your normal ice cube tray and with 42 cubes you can freeze over a litre of pureed food. They stack great in the freezer. I have frozen a selection of individual fruit and veges andput them into zip lock bags and now when its feeding time I just pop a few out and microwave them - cheap and easy and you can mix and match foods easily. When its time to introduce a new food I may just mix in one cube with something they are familiar with and then as they get used to it I put more in. Easy to clean and very durable. I have been recommending this to all the mums I meet!"

Thanks, Vanessa! I hope you find your Solids Starter Kit just as useful as your son progresses into finger food, then for making toddler snacks and saving heaps of $ by freezing your leftovers into handy, easy-to-defrost cubes :)

Friday, January 7, 2011

Another Happy Mum :)

I just love our mumi&bubi Mums (and Dads)! Even more so, I love that our Solids Starter Kit really makes their lives easier.

This just in from our happy Mum, Nicola:
"As we are at nearly 10 months now, Thomasina is more or less eating what we do. However, yesterday as i steamed another batch of pears for breakfasts, i was sooooooooo thankful i had my mumi&bubi solids starter kit! This really has been one of the best bits of "must-have-baby-kit" i ever received, thank you thank you thank you!!!"

Get organised for solids and beyond with a mumi&bubi Solids Starter Kit today at: