Thursday, January 7, 2010

Meeting the mumi&bubi 'Solids Starter Kit'

I did it for my son Max who will be 3 soon and, as a result of experiencing real food right from the start, is not a fussy eater at all.

I was determined to make all of Max's baby food from scratch: first-time Mum, not working, it was only natural to me. But after a couple of weeks of cooking, pureeing and freezing in my little ice cube trays, it became a real chore. The novelty had totally worn off and I asked my friends at coffee group for some tips to keep me going.

My friend Sonya said she had just the thing and produced from her cupboard the most stylish and modern ice cube tray I had ever seen. Of course, it wasn't an ice cube tray at all - it was a premium, BPA-free freezing tray designed specifically for freezing big batches of homemade baby food. Where did this come from??? It was called the mumi&bubi 'Solids Starter Kit' and came with 2 trays with lids and a step-by-step guide. I had to have one. I could now resume my super-mum ways and continue to make all of my son's baby food, it was so easy with these new trays.

I am proud to say that Max had only healthy homemade baby food, made by me - and sometimes his Dad - until he was about 1 and was ready to eat what we were eating all of the time. The mumi&bubi 'Solids Starter Kit' made this process so simple and easy that not only did I become the NZ distributor for this fabulous baby product, I ended up buying the whole company in 2009 when I was pregnant with my second baby!

Isobel was born in August 2009 and she is now ready to start solids. Oh my how times flies, rolling like a tumbleweed and 2 teeth for ages now. She is big for her age, very active (and I thought Max was busy!) and showing all of the classic signs that she is ready so we have been advised to start her now at 5 months.

So here is the challenge: Can a work-at-home-mum with 2 kids, a husband who works shifts and a business that is actually busy all of a sudden really make all of her own healthy homemade baby food??? Let's find out together...

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