Monday, January 18, 2010

Introducing Isobel

Here is the little bunny after having her lunch today - it is a humid summer's day in Auckland. This high chair was unceremoniously vacated by her nearly 3 yr old brother only a week before she started solids. "I'm going to sit in a "big" chair now Mummy" and that was it. Thank goodness too as he had refused to budge for such a long time - I had visions (nightmares!) about having 2 high chairs at the table as he wasn't budging for the last 6 months whenever the subject came up.

After a dismal attempt at tastings of both zucchini and cauliflower for the past 4 days, we reverted back to a carrot/apple medley today from my growing cube supply in the freezer. She loves the apple and doesn't mind the carrot too much.

Today was also the first time I combined food tastes, a little early on as she is not even 6 months old yet. I know I really should keep the tastes separate until she gets to know each one on its own a little better but I suppose this is my attempt to make sure she gets some veggies as she seems to be very partial to the sweet fruits from such a young age!

After one teeny tiny taste of zucchini, her lips were shut tight and she gave me a look of shock and horror as if to say, "don't even try that again". She was more receptive to the cauliflower but would only take a few little spoonfuls and then the tight lips again, this time coupled with a shake of the head.

The courgette was really easy to prepare and steam and cooked surprisingly quickly (maybe only 10 minutes?).

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