Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunview Organic Raisins

I have always been partial to organic raisins. Aside from the obvious reasons that they are not contaminated with any harmful agricultural chemicals or post-harvest preservatives, they look fabulous - all clear, shiny goodness - and they taste great.

These Sunview Organic Raisins are the icing on the raisin cake for me. I have never seen - or eaten - such a perfect raisin in all my life. They are so sweet, yet clean tasting and they have a nice firm bite and don't stick to your teeth like some raisins do.

And they are massive! I just had to show you in the pic, as you can see the biggest one is 2cm long.

This is Max's snack of choice and I keep them on a low shelf in the pantry so he can help himself. He can pour a small portion into a ramekin that live on the same shelf which keeps him busy as only a few of these raisins fits into these tiny ramekins at one time. And this might also explain the munted raisin packaging in the photo!

This makes him feel very independent as he doesn't have to ask me to do it for him. As he just turned the big 03, he prefers to do things "all by himself" these days :) Given the size of these raisins, if he spills some, it is easy for him to put them back in the container.

I am going to test these giant raisins in my favourite oatmeal cookie recipe and let you know how it goes. It's too bloody hot to bake this week so I am hoping for a cool evening to try this recipe soon...

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