Thursday, July 1, 2010

Love that green!

Today, I am pureeing more courgettes. We ran out of our homemade courgette cubes ages ago and I am making a whole tray (21 cubes) for a good months' supply.

I forgot just how vibrant and green courgette puree is, which only means one thing: goodness for your baby! Packed with Vitamins A and C which are immune boosters and potent antioxidants, we all need an immunity boost at this time of year :)

Its mild taste means that your bub is likely to enjoy courgettes and, as it naturally purees to a fairly liquid-y consistency, it is ideal to pop a cube or two into pasta sauce, soup or stew to add nutrients to an older baby or toddler meal.

Here is the recipe for pureed courgettes, so quick and easy!

Courgettes also make an ideal warm finger food which can also be frozen into perfect portions using your mumi&bubi 'Solids Starter Kit' and heated as your baby needs them. Click here for an easy courgette finger food recipe!

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