Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Frozen Banana Lollies

When Isobel was starting solids, we went through so many banana cubes that I made them every week. They are so delicious we all ate them~ Isobel, Max, Gavin & me!

Max called them his "Banana Lollies" and wanted a bowl of chopped frozen banana cubes every day for dessert, and Gav and I kept popping them into our smoothies. A few of cubes of pureed, frozen bananas instead of a fresh banana makes your smoothie smoother & colder.

Now that Isobel is 11.5 months and has 2 molars coming through, this "grown up" version of our frozen banana lolly is such a treat. Bananas don't freeze solid, like courgettes which, when frozen, resemble green ice cubes. Frozen cubes of pureed bananas can be easily sliced with a knife or chewed. They are perfect for putting into those raw food feeders and for teething, Isobel chews away on the frozen cube to soothe her sore gums.

Recipe for Frozen Banana Lollies:
Mash 2 ripe bananas then mix in a few Tbsp yogurt and a handful of frozen or fresh blueberries. Puree, so there aren't any lumps of blueberry. Spoon into your mumi&bubi freezing tray, pop the lid on and freeze.

To easily distinguish these cubes from plain banana cubes that I have stored in zip-lock bags in the freezer, I put a blueberry at the top of each cube (or is that the bottom???). This was also a helpful tip to prevent Isobel eating these cubes by accident when she was just a wee bub starting solids and hadn't yet been introduced to yogurt or blueberries.


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