Tuesday, July 20, 2010

In Season: Apples

Apples are still in season in New Zealand. The Granny Smith's are getting a bit tired, but Pacific Rose is just coming in and they are crispy & sweet.

It's hard to tell what is and what is not in season at the grocery store as they carry most produce year-round and it all looks the same. The prices are a good indication. WHAT??? They want HOW MUCH???

Out-of-season produce is shipped from afar and costs a premium - like those courgettes I bought for a spice loaf the other day for $12.99 a kg!!! It was totally worth it as this courgette spice loaf was divine, I will post this recipe later in the week :)

A great way to check out fresh in-season produce is to have a look at your local organic store. If it is not in season, they simply won't have it. And when it is in season, it is stocked fresh and the prices are usually the same as the grocery store as there is such an abundance.

Isobel is 11 months old now, and although doesn't have puree as her main meals now, we steamed and pureed a tray of New Zealand Pacific Rose apples. 2 cubes warmed and added to her morning cereal makes a nice change from the usual banana. A couple of warm cubes on my morning oatmeal (or evening ice cream!) is pretty nice too...

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