Thursday, July 22, 2010

An apple a day....

Pureeing today: a fresh tray of NZ Pacific Rose apples. I used 3 large Pacific Rose apples and, cooked and pureed, they nearly filled 1 tray. Next time I will do 4 apples and have some left over to eat right away.

AND WHAT IS THAT RED STUFF????? Well, the mumi&bubi 'Solids Starter Kit' is not just for baby food, you can use it for freezing leftovers too. Save heaps of money when you can freeze that pizza sauce for next time.

Traditionally what happens in my kitchen is I make a couple of pizzas using only half the tomato paste in the jar. I put the rest in the fridge in good faith that I WILL use it within the next couple of days, before it goes off.

I NEVER do! It always festers in the fridge until recycling day. The tomato paste goes to the worm farm and the pottle goes to the recycling. Ho Hum. What a waste of time and money....

Now, if I have any sauce left over, I spoon it into my mumi&bubi freezing tray and make a couple of perfect cubes to use for next time. I know that 1 of these cubes is good for a medium sized pizza so we are all set for next time.

Pizza, anyone???

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