Monday, June 7, 2010

Not into meat - what about the iron???

Isobel is totally not into meat. She will tolerate chicken, barely, and it must be paired with something favourable, like pumpkin or zucchini. But lamb and beef, no way. Not just yet, anyway.

So what about the iron, she really needs a consistent supply of iron at her age. And then I just happened to run into Ellie, our fabulous Devonport Plunket solids advisor at Devonport Wholefoods - it really is the local hang-out! - for some well-timed and very practical advice:

Freeze a portion of your choice of uncooked red meat and simply grate a teaspoon or so into her lunchtime vegetables. The little gratings are so small that they will cook from the heat of the veggies. Easy-peasy.

Of course I already had my cubes of prime beef mince and organic lamb tucked neatly amongst all of the ziplock bags of veggies and fruit in my freezer, but no worries - frozen cubes of pureed meat are ideal for grating and already perfectly portioned.

I use the tiny parmesan-sized grater disc for light and fluffy gratings, I figure the smaller the grating the better to hide in her veggies. She is a smart little Bunny and can detect - and then refuse - just about anything I am trying to slyly get past her! Which kind of makes me proud as I wouldn't want her to be a pushover even at her young age :)

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