Thursday, February 4, 2010

Pears - The Sweetest Thing

If you are ever in doubt about what's in season, head down to your local organic store. Devonport Wholefoods is a little gem that opened in my neighbourhood last year at 63C Lake Rd.

The other day, Lynda brought out a lovely bushel of new season Williams Bon Chretien pears, aka Bartlett Pears. Well, that's easy - this is Isobel's new food to be introduced this week, along with some kumara (the Kiwi equivalent of a sweet potato).

These pears are sweet & crisp when cut for Isobel to munch on (skin peeled) in her teething feeder, and even sweeter after steaming and a quick puree. These lovely frozen cubes are not just for bubs - pop a couple into your smoothie or warm some to dress your oatmeal on a winter's morning. A year-round delight for the whole family.

Recipe for Pureed Pears:
2 small pears to make 7 cubes or fill 1 row of the tray
6 small pears to make 21 cubes or fill 1 whole tray
-wash and peel pear, slice and remove core
-lightly steam or simmer in a saucepan with 2-3T of boiling water with the lid on until tender
-allow to cool then mash with a fork for older babies or puree smoothly for 6-7 month old babies
-spoon portions into your mumi&bubi premium freezing tray, cover with the lid and freeze

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