Monday, February 22, 2010

New tastes for the week

After having the same old, same old for the past 2 weeks, Isobel's taste buds are about to go on a whole new adventure. Now, I can appreciate just as much as anyone that when you start something new, you jump in with both feet and really get into it.

Before you know it, life gets in the way, and you don't have as much time for it any longer. And then something gives you that little push to get going again.

Making all of Isobel's baby food homemade from scratch, that little push to get going again usually has something to do with a trip to IE Produce and the walk through the far aisle. Checking out all of the in-season organic produce really gets my mind working about all of the recipe ideas and things I can cook not only for Isobel, but for the whole family.

This week, I picked up some beets, brocolli, nashi pears and some swede (similar to turnip). These are going to be Isobel's new tastes for the next little while. Of course she has already had pears (WBC), so I will roster these nashi pears right into her feeding schedule as she shouldn't have any trouble with them.

As I was standing there paying good money for this lovely organic produce, something occured to me: Didn't I grow beets in my garden last year - for free??? What I am doing buying beets when they are so easy to grow?!? In my limited, and very hit & miss garden experiences, beets definitely fall into the "hit" column. I recall planting them, watering and feeding with worm tea only very occasionally and they did really well.

I will add "plant beets in the garden" to my very long list of things to do...and we just might have (almost) free organic beets of our own in a couple of months for our autumn roasts. Isobel will be at the chunky mash and finger food stage by then!

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