Monday, February 22, 2010

Replenishing My Cubes

For the past week or so, Isobel has been maintaining her usual solids meals at lunch and dinner. Simply because I have been too busy to even think about it, she hasn't had any new foods introduced in 2 weeks! Not a major deal, I tell myself that she is really getting to know the taste of these foods before we move on. I do have plans to change this next week and move on with her solids into new tastes and textures.

It's been a real treadmill of taking care of everything that a mother does: spending quality time with Isobel, Max and Gavin - and the business needs quality time of its own of course, but its always very rewarding and fulfilling. Well almost always, you know what I mean.

Thank goodness I had all of those lovely homemade baby food cubes stashed away in the freezer! She has been chewing through her carrots, zucchini, pumpkin, pear, apples, bananas, kumara, cauliflower and all the rest. I have replenished most of these in the past 2 weeks and will have a good supply for the coming month especially as her repertoire is about to grow by leaps and bounds.

The little bunny will be ready to have breakfast soon and some semblance of 3 meals a day and - wait for it - protein! Her digestive system has been working hard for the first time, digesting many different types of fruits and veggies and rice cereal, and she is nearly ready to have her first meats in the next couple of weeks. In the world of starting solids, this is very exciting :)

Isobel has been on solids now for over 7 weeks and still not a morsel of store-bought, processed baby food. These mumi&bubi freezing trays really do make it easy to make big batches of healthy homemade baby food without having to cook very often at all.

I am on a business course in the city tomorrow - Budgeting and Cashflow Planning. I hope that it is a lot more fun than it sounds!

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