Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Recipe for Kumara baby puree

Healthy, homemade baby food is so easy to make and kumara baby puree is no exception. You simply wash, peel and then cube the kumara into large chunks and cook.

Kumara is very versatile to work with and can be steamed, boiled or roasted to suit whatever else you are doing in the kitchen. As we were cooking up our tasty smoked fish pie with kumara and potato mash, we boiled 2 extra medium-sized kumara in the same pot as the potatoes to puree for Isobel. We separated out the potatoes before pureeing as she doesn't do well with starchiness potatoes at the moment but if your bub is okay with both kumara and potatoes by all means puree them together for a lovely kumara potato blend.

It is such a time-saver when you can simply throw in a bit extra of this or that and make your homemade baby food when you make your family meal: No extra time or effort required!

How to remove the cubes: kumara is one of those veggies that seems really "stuck" in the trays after freezing. Simply run warm water over the back of the cubes that you wish to remove, press on one end of the cube and, as the bottom of the cube is rounded, it will "lever out". Please do not twist the trays!

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