Monday, March 8, 2010

Recipe for beetroot puree

Beets are one of my favourite veggies - with that beautiful rich-red colour, they just have to be good for you. They are naturally sweet and they puree into a stunning velvety smooth texture. Isobel's eyes light up when she sees this gorgeous deep red colour on offer.

Of course it gets all over - I will speak for my sleep-deprived self when I say that all common sense goes out the window when Isobel and I are both usually wearing white when eating beetroot! And I had such little common sense to begin with! I am not one to plan our meals around our wardrobes after all...just one to enjoy good food :)

And beets don't disappoint in the nutritional arena: beetroot baby puree is one of those great iron-rich foods that we all look for when our babies start solids. Folic acid keeps baby's cells growing and developing normally and potassium helps to regulate baby's blood pressure. And that rich red colour means that beets contain antioxidants to protect healthy cells all over your baby's little body.

Recipe for Beetroot Baby Puree:

2 medium sized beets made 12 x 2Tbsp (or 1 oz) cubes. Next time I will cook more to fill a whole tray.
-wash and peel beets, chop into cubes
-steam in half a cup of boiled water for minutes
-use some of the reserved cooking water to puree using your hand held (stick) blender to achieve a nice puree consistency. Beets can be mashed for older babies.
-spoon cooled puree into your mumi&bubi freezing trays, put on the lid and freeze.

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