Monday, March 8, 2010

Beets, brocolli, nashi pear and swede - baby puree recipes

Isobel's taste buds have really been going on an adventure for the past 2 weeks! These new foods are very appealing to her little eye as they are saturated with rich colours and intriguing new aromas.

She has never experienced the sight of the rich red of a beet on her spoon before. Or the delicate whiteness - and delicately sweet flavour - of a nashi pear.

This doesn't go unnoticed either - her little fingers are all over it, and the beets are all over everything. For the first time, she is grabbing the spoon and taking an interest in the proceedings. Previously she was quite content to simply "be fed".

It happens all so quickly! Mealtime is pretty interactive now, in a good way. Needless to say, wearing white is not recommended for baby food feeding of any kind, especially beets :)

All in all,Isobel has really taken to the beets, brocolli she doesn't mind tooo much. The nashi pears are really good mixed in with her cereal - which she still has at dinner, and the swede still needs work. These have a fairly strong scent coupled with a foreign flavour and so far, not a winner.

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