Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Who's cooking with mumi&bubi?

Rebecca McLeod, owner of Made4Baby, joins us this week to share a little about her family, business, and how the Solids Starter Kit (SSK) helped her to prepare healthy homemade baby food in no time at all:

I have 2 wonderful little boys, Sammy is almost 4 (and the face of Made4Baby) and Will has just turned 1, a Labrador called Charlie and my wonderful husband Jimmy.


Made4Baby is a range of natural skincare – our fabulous easy to use range includes a Fragrance Free range for super new and super sensitive skins and we also have an Organic Citrus Fragrance, loved by Mums and kids!

The Made4Baby office is out the back of our home so it makes it easier to look after the boys, manage the business, especially while Will has been a baby.

As a busy working Mum, how has the SSK made it easy for you to make your own healthy homemade baby food?
Great – when Will was a baby I would just choose one meal for the whole family and take the first part off for him and then pop a row in the cubes. Then I could add all the herb, spices and extras. This just mean on nights when I was in a rush or not prepared, I could just pop out a cube (or more as his tummy expanded!), and he had a healthy homemade meal.

What percentage of baby food was homemade by you (or someone in your household), using the SSK?
75% - wish it was more but there were times when it was just all too hard and I succumbed to the readymades (but mostly when out, never really used at home as Will didn’t like them as much)! Also Will moved quite quickly to wanting to finger feed.

Thank you, Rebecca! You can find out more about Made4Baby skincare at www.made4baby.co.nz Max loves his Bubbles!Bubbles!

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