Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Isobel's first finger food

Isobel is still mostly having purees as she is not the least bit interested in any kind of mashed or lumpy food. Fair enough!

Lately she started making gestures with her little hands as if she was picking up imaginary food and feeding herself. Normal? Who knows :) It was totally cute though and the clearest sign in the world that perhaps it is time to let her indulge in some well-deserved finger food.

Babies are so good at letting you know when they are ready for the next level! They definitely tell you in their own little way.

But what to give, since she is not used to actually chewing and swallowing bits of food??? I started with something soft that she could easily chew or "gum", like courgettes, pictured above.

I cooked the courgettes sliced in rounds, steamed until soft and then placed 5 or 6 into each cube of my mumi&bubi freezing tray and popped into the freezer. These cubes "lever" out just like cubes of pureed food.

**You can see in the pic that I pureed half of the rounds to mix in with other veg and meat. This finger food thing is new so I'll still need to feed her most of her solids for now :)

For serving, I warm the courgette cube of frozen rounds, then cut each round into smaller pieces. I'll give her the whole piece when she is a bit older.

It is so handy to have a supply this easy courgette finger food ready to go in your freezer!

Courgettes are a powerhouse of vitamins and minerals important for your baby's health and development. See nutritional info and puree recipe here at our original courgettes puree post.

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