Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Organic Coconut Milk

How many times have you opened a jar of coconut milk and your recipe only required a few tablespoons? Or tomato paste? Or chicken stock? So many times, me too.

And I always put the rest of the jar into the fridge knowing I will of course use it up within the 3 day limit. You too?

And on rubbish day, guess what. I am cleaning out the fridge and there it is. Nope, didn't use it. What a waste of good food ingredients, and such a waste of money!

Freeze & store your organic coconut milk for later in your mumi&bubi freezing trays - too precious to go to waste!

In these pics, I have some gorgeous coconut milk cubes just removed from my mumi&bubi freezing tray - it is so great to freeze what you haven't used and save it for later in handy, easy-to-defrost portions.

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