Friday, September 16, 2011

Jenner's Solids Starter Kit Testimonial

"Wow, the Solids Starter Kit is such a brilliant little creation - I absolutely love it! I've just started our son Berkeley on solids and this kit has beenabsolutely brilliant for me. I'm able to whip up batches of tasty noms andfreeze them without taking up too much space in our teeny tiny freezer. We are now well stocked on a massive variety of little meals and each night Ijust choose Berkeley's food for the following day and get them out todefrost in the fridge overnight - perfect!The only problem I have now is stopping my husband from sneakily eatingBerkeley's frozen fruit whips!" Jenner from Hillcrest, Auckland.
I have that "problem" too, Jenner! always taking the banana or fruit cubes for my smoothies and the veggie cubes to add to pasta sauces to increase the kiddies' veg intake :)

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