Friday, September 16, 2011

Aleesha's Solids Starter Kit Testimonial

"I wish I had known about the Solids Starter Kit 2 children ago! #3baby is nearly 6mths old, and just starting solids, I have pears, apple andpumpkin sitting ready for him in the freezer already, and it was soooo easy.The e-recipe book is a godsend also, as I never really knew how to make thefoods prior to reading it. The Solids Starter Kit is so super easy to use,just fill it with baby food, pop it in the freezer and you are awaylaughing. The frozen cubes come out so easy. No more messing around withfiddly ice cubes trays. Thanks heaps Mumi&Bubi." Aleesha from Mt Roskill, Auckland.
I gave a Solids Starter Kit to a friend who is a fellow daycare Mum for her #3, she can't believe how easy homemade baby food is this time around...even with three kids!Submit your Solids Starter Kit testimonial and enter to win 1 of 4 tickets to the ASG Parent & Child Show here: closes 8pm Saturday, 17 September. Winners will be emailed immediately after 8pm...good luck!

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  1. The Solids Starter Kit is just a life saver, it makes homemade baby food so much easier, if only this was around for our first two boys. The E-Recipe Book is also fantastic!! So many great ideas that are so easy to prepare. I am so pleased that we made this great purchase after having baby #3 we are a very busy family but still want what is best food wise for our baby. I also love your YouTube videos, they are so helpful!! Thank you Mumi&Bubi for your fantastic products!!