Wednesday, November 17, 2010


In case you were wondering about the romantic French bistro??? I have one word for you:


Here are some more words: sexy, unpretentious, best food ever, intimate, amazing service & atmosphere ~ think black walls and glittering old-world chandeliers.

How much? How little! we had 3 drinks before dinner (Gav: 2 beers, me a glass of bubbly) and then a gorgeous bottle of wine with:
1 bread & dip plate to share ~ best in town says Gav, I didn't know he kept an eye on the bread & dips around town, but apparently so and this one's a winner :)
2 mains:
Merino lamb for me because I usually only wear it, not eat it and had to have a taste, yum. Gav had the Steak frites and is still talking about it 5 days later. Gavin even raved about the salad dressing - so light! so tasty! - and if you haven't met him before, he's a pretty laid back, non-rave-y type of guy, especially about salad dressing.
1 dessert:
the creme brulee, of course. Nice and crispy on top.

All of this deliciousness for only $140. If we eased up on the sauce, the total would be well under $100, more like $80. What a gem! We'll be back....very soon.

from Gavin since our Winehot experience:
Saturday ~ all tucked up, nearly asleep and he says, "So, how soon can we have another date night and go back to Winehot?"
Sunday ~ "What kind of blue cheese do you think that was on my steak? I can't stop thinking about it." What???
Monday ~ walking back from the produce shop "What kind of oil do you think they use at Winehot to cook those fries?" Me: "Hmmm, must be a good one, and a pretty special variety of potato, too." Gav: "I think I'm going to buy myself a deep-fryer for Christmas."

605 New North Road

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