Monday, August 23, 2010

We Want You!

Well, my baby Isobel is 1 now, and has graduated from her healthy start in life with 100% homemade baby food. She is a bonafide toddler now, toddling around and eating what the rest of us are eating....yay! But it's all gone so quickly and I will miss this stage of her little life. Baby food is so important and the food you serve at this time helps to shape their future health and their eating habits for their whole lifetime.

To continue to show parents just how simple and easy making homemade baby food is using the Solids Starter Kit, we need a couple more babies! We are looking for:
1 Mum with a bub starting solids (or recently started) who is making purees regularly with her SSK, and;
1 Mum with a 9m+ old bub who is still using her SSK to make mealtimes a breeze by freezing meal portions, finger food and adapting family meals, etc.

Ideally, our Mums will submit a recipe along with a photo of their creation in the trays once a week for 2 months showing their passion for healthy, homemade baby food using the Solids Starter Kit. Generally sharing your experience of making baby food so we can follow your baby's progress through the solids stages. Bullet points are fine, you don't have to be a storywriter :)

Is this you or someone you know? We are looking forward to hearing from you! Please introduce yourself at our contact page and we will be in touch.

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