Friday, December 17, 2010

Mango baby puree

Mangoes are so delicious and refreshing in summer and, as they are grown in so many tropical parts of the world, you can usually find one...if you don't mind the food miles! The Aussie mango pictured here is so tasty and sweet!

I thought to be realistic that I would only use 1 mango for this recipe. They are pretty pricy and definitely a "treat" food in our house as a result.

I was surprised at just how much puree a single mango yielded: 12 and a half 1oz cubes out of this mango :)

Recipe for Mango Baby Puree:
-Wash and halve mango. A large seed will be on one side, like an avocado. Scrape as much of the mango flesh from the inside of the skin and around the seed as possible and into a bowl.
-Puree with a stick blender (or just mash, or slice as a finger food for older babies)and spoon into your mumi&bubi freezing tray.
-Place the lid on, making sure the tabs are on the same side.
-Freeze overnight.

Nutritional Info for Mango:
Mango is packed with Vitamins C & A ~ a single serving will provide 76% of your daily Vitamin C requirements and 25% for Vitamin A. And the orange colour indicates a healthy dose of cancer-fighting carotenoids. What a powerhouse for immunity as well as healthy skin and eyes!

While mango is an ideal food for babies, I would leave it for babies 8m+ as tropical fruit can sometimes produce a reaction in young babies. As always, consult your Plunket nurse or family doctor if unsure of introducing new foods and always introduce new foods exclusively for 3-4 days.

Mango would also be ideal added to banana lollies for older kids :) And for Mum & Dad, pop a couple of these frozen mango cubes into a smoothie to really pack a big Vitamin C punch!

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